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If anyone notice some wrong sentence, please teach me more suitable cool words.

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Itagaki upper 2003

A ビュッ ビ ビビュ ボッ ブーン
[byyu/ bi/ bibyu/ bottu/ buun]
some sound effects of a whizzing

B ハァ ハァ [haxa haxa]
sound effects of a short breathing

C うっ う〜〜〜ん [uxtu/ uuuuuun]
sound effects of a moan

D ズッターン [zzutaan]
sound effects of a crash

E 「そろそろ反撃してもいい?」
"Can I attack by now?" with some teasing tone

F ビクッ! [bikku!]
a onomatopoeia of a twitch

A バキッ ボクッ ドカッ グワキッ ドン
[bakki/ bokku/ dokka/ guwakki/ don]
sound effects of a hit, like "pow"

B ハヒー ハヒィー フヒー [hahii/ fuhii]
some sound effects of a painful breathing

C ヨロヨロ [yoroyoro]
a onomatopoeia of a totter

D ゴッ [ggo]
some sound effects of a whizzing

Docter & assistant, mission mousetrap

A「博士、これはいくらなんでも、やりすぎですよ! だいたい、こんな実験に何の意味があるんですか!?」
"Doctor, This is absolutely going too far!
Generally, what meaning does such an experiment have!? "

B ギシ [gisi]
sound effects of a creak

"What are you talking about, Mr. Murayama?
This is the scientific experiment conducted perfectly."

"To measur up quantitatively how long can a man intentionally control the spine reflection by external stimulus...."

E う〜〜〜 [uuuuuu]
sound effects of a moan

F ガクガク [gakugaku]
sound effects of a shaking with fear

"On the pressure sensor which covers from a chest to an abdomen, if the signal more than a threshold enters ...."

B ポン ピコ [pon pico]
sound effects like "ponk", "pop"

C イメージ映像
a visualized picture

D ハンマーがナッツを ガツンと!!
"The hammer shall strike the nuts!!"

E ガツン [gatsun]
sound effects of the striking

F うーむ [uuumu]
sound effects of a moan with thinking

G サーッ [saaaxtu]
a onomatopoeia of a turning pale

H「個人的には 出力からトラップ作動の間をもっとRube Goldberg風にしたかったんだけど……」
"Personally, I'd like to make system between the output and the trap operations in the style of -Rube Goldberg-.... "

"and she is Ayaka Matsumoto, this time works as an special experiment assistant"

B 「はじめまして」
"Nice to meet you."

C「彼女は昨年の全日本手コキ選手権で、優秀賞貰ったトップ アスリートなのよ」
"She is the top athlete, in the last handjob championships of Japan, won official commendation 'the prize-for-an-excellent-work'"

"Why do you wear bloomers?"
"This is the uniform."

E ぐっ [ggo]
sound effects of a holding

F「どうっスか 先生?」
"How do you feel, Miss?"

G くっ [kku]
sound effects of a gulp

In this situation I can treat him for an instant"

"If you stand for 1 minute, I'll release you. So do your best, Mr. Murakami"

never to be continued

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